REFOWAS Workshop

- International workshop on food waste monitoring, reporting and prevention -
14.06.2019 in Berlin

The ongoing research project REFOWAS (REduce FOod WASte), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), quantifies the food waste amount in Germany and investigates prevention measures within several case studies together with stakeholders from agriculture, bakeries, school catering and the hospitality sector.

Within the REFOWAS workshop, food waste experts from the scientific field presented and discussed current challenges and national approaches for the monitoring, reporting and evaluation of food waste in the context of the SDG 12.3 in Europe. The aim of this workshop was an exchange of insights into national food waste data, monitoring approaches and evaluation of reduction measures in different EU countries.


8.30 am Check-in
8.55 am Reception
9.00 am Address of Welcome by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
    Dr. Lorenz Franken, BMEL
Session I Food waste accounting within the EU
9.10 am

Variation of Food Waste Accounting within the EU
    Sara Corrado, PhD, Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Presentation of Sara Corrado - PDF

9.35 am

Quantification of Food Waste within the German Food Chain
    Dominik Leverenz, University of Stuttgart

Presentation of Dominik Leverenz - PDF

10.00 am

Quantification of food waste along the food chain in Finland
    Hanna Hartikainen, Luke

Presentation of Hanna Hartikainen - PDF

10.25 am Coffee Break
10.45 am

Addressing food waste data gaps and environmental impacts using a material flow analysis approach in Denmark   
    Prof. Gang Liu, University of Southern Denmark

Presentation of Gang Liu - PDF

11.10 am

Food waste reporting at the federal and country level versus reporting requirements under SDG 12.3
    Dr. Julian Parfitt, Anthesis Group

Presentation of Julian Parfitt - PDF

11.35 am Background behind the EU food waste measurement legislation
    Bartosz Zambrzycki, European Commission

11.50 am Interactive Workshop - EU Delegated Decission
Group I: Examining in-depth measurements (Annex III)
Group II: Indicators and annual tracking (Annex IV)
Group III: Current Monitoring across Europe
12.30 pm    Lunch Break
Session II Sector specific analysis- selected examples
1.30 pm Presentation of workshop findings
1.45 pm   

Food waste surveys in 6000 German households
    Helmut Hübsch, Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK)

2.10 pm

Monitoring of food loss & waste in the Netherlands and it’s reduction (Retail)   
    Dr. Martijntje Vollebregt, Wageningen University

Presentation of Martijntje Vollebregt - PDF

2.35 pm

Food-waste measurement: Experiences from the UK (Processing, Manufacturing)
    Dr. Tom Quested, Waste and Resources Program (WRAP)

Presentation of Tom Quested - PDF

3.00 pm Panel Discussion
Reaching SDG 12.3 - data accuracy, trends and verification
3.45 pm Closing Remarks
4.00 pm Official End